Why Mutual Fund?

Safe & Easy Way To Enter Into Stock Market

Mutual Funds are managed by an experienced team of professionals. Such professionals generally try to reduce the risk to return ratio of the investments by undertaking extensive research before making any investment decisions, to ensure safety of investors' money.

Mutual Funds are very flexible instruments. There are no restrictions and penalties on Mutual Funds payments and withdrawals, unlike PPF or ULIPs. You can start investing in Mutual Fund with a monthly investment as low as Rs. 500, to as high as you wish.

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Better Returns

You, as an investor have the option to invest in funds specific to your risk profile or your investment needs. It is always a better option to invest in Mutual Funds unless your investment size is substantial, say, Rs. 50 Lakhs.

Mutual Fund products are also more suitable for individuals with low risk tolerance. Rest assured as Mutual Funds have a reliable track record of generating more returns than, gold, bond, F.D and other similar instruments.

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Savings & Goal Oriented

You can commit yourself to save and invest a portion of your income regularly in particular schemes that NBS recommends for you. Eventually these savings will accumulate into a large sum; you can calculate this yourself in the "Wealth Calculator" window below, to realize the power of savings and compounding effect.

You can also plan your Mutual Fund investments for long term goals; For example – Buying a House or Car, Kids Education, Foreign Trips, Retirement. You can calculate the amount of monthly investment you'll need in the "Wealth Calculator" window below.

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Suitable For All Types Of Investor

There are different types of funds designed to suit the needs of different investors. For example, for Small and Young Investors SIP is the best product, for people who wish to have regular source of income Balanced Fund and SWP is Suitable. For investors with low risk Appetite Debt Funds are recommended. For Corporates with huge fund for a small time Liquid Fund is recommended. For NRIs' belonging to USA & Canada, NRI Funds are recommended; NRIs' from other countries can invest in Any Fund without restrictions.

Due to such variety of options the Mutual Funds Market has become crowded and confusing; NBS helps you find the Fund most suitable for you and your needs.

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Enjoy The Benefits Of Compounding

In an SIP, the total amount of money that earns you interest increases with every consequent payment made by you, this leads to a compounding effect and over a period of time the money multiplies into an enormous sum. See the chart below to understand this effect of compounding

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All About Mutual Funds

Long Term Investment Plan

Mutual Fund Buying Recommendations - July 2019


Mutual Fund Buying Recommendations - June 2019

  • Saves Tax Saves Money

  • Savings of upto Rs. 45,000

  • Only 3 years lock in

  • Profit earned is tax free

Mutual Funds - ELSS
SR.NOScheme NameCategoryAUMNAV 05/03/2018Returns (1 Yrs %)Returns (2 Yrs %)Returns (3 Yrs %)Returns (5 Yrs %)
1Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 9639508494930.8027.00%23.80%11.20%22.60%
2DSPBR TAX Saver Fund39022398345.5315.90%23.80%11.00%20.40%
3Franklin India Tax Shield G362513543539.3712.60%16.70%7.50%18.10%
4HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund420051667338.3419.80%25.10%11.10%18.50%
5IDFC Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund37226101257.4731.60%28.90%11.90%21.80%
6L&T Tax Advantage Fund38718303355.5324.70%26.80%12.60%19.80%
7Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund385651081162.0317.70%23.40%6.90%22.50%
8Axis Long Term Equity Fund 401481651740.6524.50%19.50%8.10%23.30%
  • Regular income & modest capital appreciation

  • Regular Income earned as dividend is tax free

  • Low Risk Medium return

  • Higher safety due to mix of Bond & Equity

Mutual Funds - Monthly Dividend Plan
SR.NOScheme NameCategoryAUMNAV 05/03/2018Returns (1 Yrs %)Returns (2 Yrs %)Returns (3 Yrs %)Returns (5 Yrs %)
1HDFC Prudence Fund - DividendMulticap3943129.8810.50%24.70%8.80%28.50%
2ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund - MDLarge Cap2784024.3611.50%24.90%11.60%28.40%
3L&T India Prudence Fund - DividendMulticap957819.6213.30%18.80%9.70%25.10%
4UTI Balanced Fund - DividendMulticap547629.5711.80%19.70%8.10%19.30%
5DSP Black Rock Balanced Fund - DividendMulticap703224.4011.60%21.40%10.60%28.50%
  • High Return Medium Risk

  • Dividend is tax free

  • Capital Appreciation over 1 year is tax free

  • Effect of compounding is much higher

Mutual Funds - Growth Fund
SR.NOScheme NameCategoryAUMNAV 05/03/2018Returns (1 Yrs %)Returns (2 Yrs %)Returns (3 Yrs %)Returns (5 Yrs %)
1Franklin India High Growth Companies FundDiversified802338.8580.1560.2180.0860.224
2Aditya Birla Sunlife Adv FundDiversified5966412.440.1610.2350.1060.223
3Mirae Asset India Opportunities FundDiversified661246.2540.2040.2440.1110.208
4Aditya Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity FundLarge Cap20531212.750.1430.1890.0750.171
5SBI Blue Chip FundLarge Cap1815137.4920.1620.1810.0880.18
6Franklin India Smaller Companies FundSmall & Mid Cap728060.3060.2410.2870.1540.302
7Canara Robeco Emerging Equties FundSmall & Mid Cap3208930.2660.310.1560.3
  • High Return Medium Risk

  • Regular Cash flow for various purposes

  • Effect of compounding is much higher

  • The best retirement solution

Mutual Funds - SWP
SR.NOAditya Birla Sunlife Adv Fund "DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity Fund -_.,
1Investment Date10.03.2003 Investment Date 10.04.2003  
2Investment Amount1500000 Investment Amount 1500000  
3Invested NAV 10.04.200323.5 Invested NAV 10.04.2003 10.09  
4Current NAV 05.03.2018412.44 Current NAV 05.03.2018 195.84  
5Mothly Withdrawal15000 Mothly Withdrawal 15000  
6Total Withdrawal (164 months)2460000 Total Withdrawal (164 months) 2460000  
7Current Valuation20101642 Current Valuation 22174520.682  
8Annualised Return24.32% Annualised Return 25.03%  
  • Client provided text

  • Client provided text

  • Client provided text

  • Client provided text

Mutual Funds - NRI Fund (USA and Canada)
SR.NOScheme NameAUM (Rs. In Cr.)NAV 05/03/2018Category Returns (3 Months %)Returns (1 Yrs %)Returns (3 Yrs %)Returns (5 Yrs %)
1SBI Magnum Multicap Fund443646.604Diversified Equity-2.619.312.121
2L & T India Value Fund740437.202Diversified Equity-2.419.714.525.7
3UTI Equity Fund5144128.729Large Cap1.217.16.516.3
4L & T Equity Fund280981.177Multi Cap-0.417.57.417.6
5Aditya Birla Sunlife Advantage Fund5966412.44Multi Cap-6.816.110622.3
6SBI Magnum Midcap Fund 406080.873Small & Mid Cap-4.514.611.726.1
7UTI Mid Cap Fund4206111.14Small & Mid Cap-3.422.111.527.9
  • Liquid Fund is Safe parking spot for surplus funds

  • Safety and high Liquidity

  • Debt Fund is safe investment tool

  • Debt mutual funds are a better option than term deposit

Our Liquid Fund Picks
SR.NOScheme NameAUM ( Rs. In Cr.)NAV 05/03/20181 Month (Roling Returns)Returns (1 Yr %)Returns (2 Yrs %)Returns (3 Yrs %)Returns (5 Yrs %)
1ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan21564330.4370.
2IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund488124.4470.
3Kotak Floater-ST(G)182752829.2320.
4Aditya Birla SL Cash Plus(G)34691277.7690.
Our Debt Fund Picks
SR.NOScheme NameAUMNAV 05/03/2018Returns (1 Yrs %)Returns (2 Yrs %)Returns (3 Yrs %)Returns (5 Yrs %)Exit Load
1DSPBR Strategic Bond Fund(G)17811985.1292.46.767.9Nil
2HDFC Gilt Short Term Plan36728.1724.
3ICICI Prudential Short Term Fund Gilt Plan14543.4865.487.98.20.50% before 1 year
4SBI Magnum Gilt Short Term Plan50436.5055.

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Investment Plans for
Senior Citizens or Retired People

Comparision Between Returns For
Mutual Funds, Stocks, Gold, FD, PPF, etc

Mutual Fund Industry In India

  • India’s Mutual fund Penetration is 11% of GDP is lower than the world Average of 62% of GDP. Mutual funds Assets Under Management (AUM) now are 20% of financial savings compared with 10% five year ago.

  • Average Assets under Management (AAUM) of Indian Mutual Fund Industry for the month of May 2019 stood at 25.94 lakh Cr.

  • The AAUM of the Indian MF Industry has grown from 5.05 trillion as on 31st March, 2008 to 25.94 trillion as on 31st May, 2019– 6 times increase in 10 years.

  • The MF Industry’s AAUM has grown from 7.61 trillion as on 31st March, 2013 to 25.27 trillion as on 31st May, 2019 more than 2.70 increase in a span of 5 years.

  • MF by 2023: AUM- Rs.50 lakh Cr. & No. of A/c s -: 20 Cr. expected.
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  • On an average 3.38 lakh new folios are added every month in the last 3 years since Jun 2014.
  • The AUM of the MF industry grew to ₹19.26 lakh crore in May 2017, from 5.87 trillion as on 31st March, 2012.
  • AUM of mutual fund industry is set to reach Rs.31 lakh crore in March 2020, this translates to an annualised growth of 19%.
  • Start your own business with little or no capital.
  • Risk free business.
  • Benefit from our expertise, research and back-office support.
  • Network with industry professionals.
  • Passionate about capital markets.
  • Zeal for success.
  • Good network of people.
  • Own office and staff may be added advantage.
  • NISM V – A Certification.
  • Brokerage is calculated as specified percent of investment made.
  • Two types of brokerage: Upfront and Trail.
  • Upfront brokerage is paid at the time of making investment.
  • Additionally, trail brokerage is paid each month on the same investment.
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